Finding myself through mamahood.

I never really knew who I was until Beckett. Yes, I knew what inspired me, motivated me, + what I enjoyed… kind of. That all changed when she came into my world, of course. I just really didn’t know my fears & my soul until I held her in my arms. My life changed the second I laid eyes on my beautiful 6 lb babygirl. I thought that postpartum might kill me, seriously… I did. It was SO HARD. Some days are still SO HARD. It took me until this month to realize that I was really just changing from the inside out. She has made me so much more aware of life & cherishing every moment. I want to show her light, love, adventures, & motivate her to chase her dreams with no regret. She is such a beautiful girl… her personality is contagious. I can’t be around her without just wanting to be a better person. Her love is radiating. You never understand what people mean about your love for a child until you experience it.. true bliss.

So mamas, even on the hard days… remember this. Remember, YOU are their all. Remember, life before them.. dull. Remember, the sloppy kisses. Remember, the belly laughs.. the love in their eyes. Remember your life changing for the BETTER & soak it all up. They are only this little for so long.

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