Let me start by saying this perfect little family of mine wasn’t started by a snap of a finger or a stork.. there were many tears, prayers, doubts, heartache, + worry involved to the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Beckett Rowe Wright.

Luke, my husband, and our daughter, Beckett, are MY WHY. They are my constant, my motivation, my rock, + my reason in spilling my guts to you. I have been encouraged by so many to tell our story, and honestly it took a lot of praying for me to even THINK about being this open and honest with you all. HEY, if it can help just ONE person then it is a win.. right?! I sure hope so.

I’ve started this blog to share with you all my endometriosis journey, our miscarriage, my  pregnancy anxiety, her birth story, my postpartum experience, and straight up MOTHERHOOD. The hardest, yet most rewarding beautiful job of my life. I have had many friends suggest that I share fashion and beauty tips, home decor, relationship advice (the little I can give because lets be honest.. haha), and more. I pray this turns into a site that can motivate, inspire, humor, and even give women and/or mothers a different light on their journey.

There is so much honesty + real life stuff to come.. stay tuned.


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