The ugly A word.

|| A N X I E T Y ||

I’ve struggled with anxiety for years.. I didn’t know I was until it got worse.

It’s been a huge mountain for me to climb in the past 2 years & it has cost me experiences, opportunities & people. It’s resulted in late nights of crying uncontrollably, crying out to God, insecurity, doubt, & so much more. It’s something you can’t even wrap your mind around until you are stuck in the thick of it. & then it feels like a glimpse of hell.

Your mind can play major tricks on you & it can be scary as h e double l. It really can. You will feel as if everyone is judging your every move, you are hated, & you will overcompensate for more than you should. Your mind will cause you to believe your friends, family, & even acquaintances are upset with you. Fear can set in where you clean, worry, avoid & research ALL THE THINGS.

Obsessing is also a form of anxiety & I struggle with it incredibly bad. I’m a control freak & it shows in many ways of my life. I’m a people pleaser & really really worry if I’ve upset others. I watch my business very closely from start to finish every day & pour from a empty cup so much to make sure everyone is pleased. I’ll lay in bed at night worrying if I’ve shown Beckett & Luke enough love for the day. My mind is constantly turning like a hamster on it’s wheel.

Anxiety has also played a huge toll on my body at times. It can feel like an out of body experience. Achy joints, dizziness, fatigue, chest pains, clenched stomach, heart racing, hot flashes, etc.

It is so much more than some people realize which is why I felt it was so important to write about this as embarrassing as it can be to put it out on the line that I struggle so badly with this.. if it can reach one person that it could help, I’ll write it every. single. time.

With all of this being said.. I have learned how to cope so much better & you can too!!! Now of course I still have bad days & weeks.. over all, I’m doing better. When hard times strike I take a second to take deep breaths & really think about the situation. Learning your triggers help tremendously. When I’m stressed, sick, when Beckett is sick, & I’m overall overwhelmed my anxiety is over bearing. I have to stop to ask myself.. will this matter 5 months or 5 years than now? If no, I’ll allow myself 5 minutes and move on. As far as dealing with people.. I learn to be the best I can be. You are not Nutella.. not everyone is going to love you or see you for you. You aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea & that’s ok!!! I’ve realized my little family is the best team I could ever have. On my hardest days, they wrap their arms around me & love me.. regardless.

Exercise, sleep, water, healthy diet, positive thinking, deep breaths, uplifting people, & most importantly, GOD will get you through some of the hardest times of anxiety. You have to tell yourself “I’m stronger than I think, I have the ability to overcome this & my feelings are allowed to be here and they will pass.” + if medicine helps you, DO. NOT. BE. ASHAMED. to ask a physician for help. If you are sick you would get medicine to overcome it.. sometimes the mind gets sick too, & that’s ok!

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s problems.. it takes away today’s peace. Anxiety does not define you.. you are so much more than it convinces you that you are. Let those thoughts & doubts go in one ear & out the other. When the days get greater than you can stand, kneel. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Cry out to The Lord with your worries, burdens, doubts + concerns and let Him help you change your way of thinking. ” When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul.” Psalm 94:19

If you are reading this & need someone to talk you through it. PLEASE email me confidential & judgement free.


Salt. Brings about a thirst in others for the Lord.{Matthew 5:13}

The enemy comes to kill, steal, & destroy. I came that they may have life & have it abundantly. John 10:10

I, myself, am made with flaws, but as Augusten said I’m stitched together with good intentions. The more I’ve reached for God the faster the enemy has tried to attack. I’d be completely lying if I said I didn’t let it get me really really down. It’s taken pep talks, prayers & love to lift me up and tell that devil NOT TODAY. He comes to wreck our plans & wreck them hard. He, in my case, killed confidence, stole joy & destroyed my motivation. God tells us in James 4:7 Therefor submit to GOD, but resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

He is NOT important. His LIES are meaningless. You are WORTHY of God’s love.

During the mountains & valleys of life it is so easy to get beat down & feel broken, but sis.. you are loved. Even when you’re lost, hurt, & confused… JESUS LOVES YOU. He died FOR YOU. & HE makes NO mistakes.

I’ve told myself the ugliest lies about myself lately. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. Do I need to work on things? You bet I do. Do I make mistakes? Yup.

We all do. & God knows we will. He loves us REGARDLESS. He knows we are a work in progress. We are flawed, but still worthy of His love. How beautiful & refreshing is that?!

I cannot believe that I’m a mess most days. I doubt, I read into too much, I worry endlessly & feed into nonsense that won’t matter tomorrow. & HE loves me anyways. HIS mercies are NEW every. single. morning.

I say BLESS MY HEART & shame on me for putting so much doubt, worry, shame, & disgust with myself out there when I am surrounded by so much beauty in this world. How dare I stay wrapped up in little things & not soak up every single blessing of this world?

I woke up today & told myself.. no more. Repent & refresh. LOVE anyways. Give this life all I’ve got & then some. I’ve said this a million X’s & I THANK GOD that he gives me another chance, but I don’t want to be a better me.. I want to be more like HIM. We aren’t called to be like Christians.. we are called to be like CHRIST.

It’s never too late to build a better tomorrow. Forgive. Love. Inspire. Create. If it’s to be more like Jesus.. it’s worth it.

American Eagle + Abercrombie Haul Pt. 2

This look won’t be everyone’s cup of tea HOWEVER.. I am obsessed 🙌🏼🔥

Oversized Tee:

Biker Shorts:

Tennis Shoes:

Acrylic Sunnies:







Rolling Stones:

The Beatles:

Grateful Dead:

Def Leppard:


Amazon + American Eagle Haul PT. 1

I hit up the most recent American Eagle sale (you should too) + am obsessed with all of the cozy pieces I chose so I thought I would share. I have them paired with my most favorite new accessories that I found on amazon. I am a ride or die amazon prime girl, for sure.

Pearl Hair Pieces :

These are FAB + great quality! You get four pieces for under $10.. can’t beat that!

Pink Floyd T Shirt Dress :

This is the softest, coziest dress with edge! I sized up to a medium for length because carrying a babygal around and short dresses don’t mix. haha!

Acrylic Sunnies :

These are seriously so fun!!!! Under $20

Horsebit Mules :

Fraction of the price of the Gucci ones + I’m in love.. So great for summer!

Flannel: an oldie, but goodie out of my closet. Any bold, summer colored flannel would be great for this look!

Rolling Stones Tube Top:

I went with a large in this top because I am now larger chested since sweet, Beckett Rowe!!

Fleece Striped Shorties:

I went with a size small in these cozy shorts… so stinkin’ cute + comfortable!

Cheetah Slides:

These are true to size in my opinion.. such a great staple.

I finished up this shoot with some quick pics with my perfect diva girl! She is so stinkin’ happy + I am so blessed. This outfit will go live on THIS Sunday at 8 PM CST. Her outfit is Jessica Simpson, but I can’t seem to find it to link it. I’ll update if I can!

I hope you gals have a great weekend.. xoxo.


Let me start by saying good things come to those who work.. seriously, owning a business is hard WORK. So many people get it twisted thinking it’s all fun and games. HA! It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of blood.. sweat.. + tears.

I had a dream at a very young age to open up a salon + boutique. I set out to get my cosmetology license while starting up a boutique solely through Facebook at the time. I was working at a salon in my hometown when the boutique load just got very heavy + a lot to juggle. I continued despite my fears to chase my dreams when I decided to open up my salon and boutique!! That being said I didn’t pay myself for THREE and a HALF YEARS to get where I am today! I let go of the salon dream (which was hard and discouraging) and set out to do the boutique side of things only. At the time the decision was very hard, but I now know it was the best decision for Aden Ann’s to flourish.

I would be lying if I said it’s been easy. There have been times in the past six years that I have wanted to throw my hands in the air + say I can’t do this, but you know what.. I CAN. I think it’s so important to talk about the struggles of the business as well as the victories. Often owning a business gets lost in this fairytale world of the luxuries of being a entrepreneur. Sure, I get to make my own schedule + tote my babygirl with me. Sure, I can work from my home some days. Do you know what I can’t do though? Shut it off. This gig is a 24/7 kind of gig. I work from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. It’s constant + trust me, I am SO thankful. The fact that it’s constant means it’s successful + I thank the good Lord above for His abundant blessings in my life.

Here is some tips I’ve learned along the way:

•Don’t compare yourself.. Like ever. Comparison is THE thief of JOY. No one is going to do it like you + that’s the beauty of it. We all are unique in our own ways + that’s what will make you successful. Set yourself apart.

•Allow yourself a pity party (or 10) THEN hop up, dust your shoulders off + TACKLE the day!!

•PLAN. I’m still working on this, but having a PLAN helps so much more than you think. Planning out goals + checking them off as you achieve them is such a refreshing motivating thing. Example: If you want to sell twenty shirts.. CRUSH IT. Post + pump your product up.. let the world see just how wonderful your product is + try to meet your goal.

•Time management is key. You MUST do something nice for yourself at least once a month. Carrying the heavy 24/7 work load is stressful so you need a release.. you are allowed that for goodness sake.

•Most importantly, never ever ever give up. Your dream is important + SO. ARE. YOU. You CAN do this. Get that mindset & get ready to crush it, sis.

Things that have helped motivate me:

Designer Inspired FAVS

Of course everyone loves to rock the hottest new trend, but not everyone wants to spend a fortune. I know I don’t. So here are my favorite amazon designer inspired picks that I own.

Mom life is hard to juggle all of the things so I HAVE TO HAVE a back pack. This one is great quality for a “inspired” bag.

Designer Inspired HandbagDesigner Inspired Handbag

This wallet matches perfect to the back pack above, comes with a clutch attachment + is a good bang for your buck!

The easiest throw in the bag zip up wallet.. perfect for on the go + your credit cards!!

This designer inspired watch band is faaaaabulous.

Here are some in my cart items that I’m going to pull the trigger on this week:


This is about 8 ish weeks of consistent workout + only about 2/3 ish weeks of healthier eating.

Let me back space. I had a high risk pregnancy due to a miscarriage before so I wasn’t “allowed” to workout for about 10 months. After my miscarriage I was very depressed & down on myself… so I did what I like to do, eat! I didn’t workout for a total of 13 months with a terrible diet.

Am I in THE BEST shape? Absolutely not. Am I trying? Absolutely! All it takes is effort, motivation, + determination.

I have struggled HARD with postpartum + being back in the gym has helped me gain back a lot. Exercising isn’t just physical it’s definitely mental too.. I hope this can motivate someone today! YOU VS YOU. 💓